Our Story

One day a mutual friend introduced Alana Stewart and Kara Kardashian. Quickly forming a friendship the two women set out to develop a revolutionary anti-aging skincare line they called EraseExtreme. In their opinion after using it personally they were convinced it was unlike anything currently on the market. Conceived free of gender bias, both men and women used it and loved it and continue with enthusiasm.

Therefore, it is no surprise that through a process of elimination based on results, and many sometimes discouraging setbacks, we promised ourselves we would pursue until we had a ground breaking product that maintained its pledge regarding desired benefits. Seeking the knowledge of reputable chemists and skin care specialists our goal was to succeed at all costs! After endless tests with leading edge technology in conjunction with a new/science formulation and a mind set fueled by a non-surrendering attitude, we are confident of the merits of our product EraseExtreme.  

We realized that more often than not, endless celebrity endorsed high priced skin care products which outrival the competition in making appealing claims, and convincing promises, fail to deliver. The consumer spends big bucks and obtains nothing in return. Unwilling to endorse the last resort we, did not want the sole option to be the plastic surgeon’s consultation. Separating fact from fiction, the reality is---- even so called “quick fixes” are not only far too invasive, but require the time neither of us is willing or able to sacrifice from our busy schedules.

Everyone has run the gamut with applications of creams, lotions and potions, only to be disappointed and disillusioned again. We hoped the long row of numbers on the price tag would guarantee a great outcome.

What exactly is this amazing skin care line? It is a first place at the finish: an Erase Extreme Rejuvenating Spray, incomparable to what is currently on the market, a rejuvenating gel Serum, and a smooth Moisturizer. The trio of products has an inimitable mix of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and peptides that generate striking, clearly identifiable results on a cellular level while enhancing the elasticity, tone and texture of your skin. When used conscientiously it helps lessen the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin, hyper pigmentation, and even rosacea.

The benefits keep on going! In fact, EraseExtreme also aids in the restoration of lost collagen, strengthens elastin to create a more youthful appearance, and helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that give a tired, older look.

Alana is in her seventh decade and I in my fourth, consequently we were motivated to create a skin care line that not only worked, but produced instantaneous results, visible to the eye. It was a long, interesting journey, and today we are proud to say we have met our goal with EraseExtreme. We fully endorse our products and the results.

But why not see for yourself? You will be thrilled to note the refreshed face smiling at you in the mirror! We invite you to take the EraseExtreme journey. There will be no turning back—except perhaps the hands of time!