Kara Kardashian

Founder of EraseExtreme

“I have always been interested in beauty and skincare products.  From a young age, I would sneak into my grandma’s bathroom and whip up my own potions derived from her lotions and fresh flowers found in our backyard.  As I grew older, I went on a diligent hunt to find a quality product that actually worked!  When all the products I had tried fell short, I started my mission of creating a solution to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin to bring about a more youthful glow.  My hope is that women and men will feel beautiful inside and out.” - Kara Kardashian


Kara’s mission to develop a revolutionary anti-aging skin care line came to fruition in EraseExtreme. After working with a team of scientists, Kara enlisted the help of her friends and family.  In their opinions, after using EraseExtreme, they were convinced it was unlike anything currently on the market. Conceived free of gender bias, both men and women used and loved EraseExtreme and continue with enthusiasm.
Therefore, it is no surprise that through a process of elimination based on results, and many discouraging setbacks, she promised herself she would push on until she had a groundbreaking product that maintained its pledge of the many desired benefits. Seeking the knowledge of reputable chemists and skin care specialists, Kara’s goal was to succeed at all costs! After endless tests with leading-edge technology in conjunction with a new/science formulation and a mindset fueled by a non-surrendering attitude, Kara is confident of the merits of EraseExtreme.


Kara realized that more often than not, endless celebrity endorsed high priced skin care products making appealing claims, and convincing promises, fail to deliver. Everyone has run the gamut with applications of creams, lotions, and potions, only to be disappointed and disillusioned.
Separating fact from fiction, the reality is even so-called “quick fixes” from cosmetic doctors are not only far too invasive but require time and sacrifice Kara realizes most people do not have from their busy schedules.

What exactly is this amazing skin care line?

  • Erase Extreme Rejuvenating Spray [or just show pictures of the three bottles
  • Rejuvenating gel Serum
  • Rejuvenating Moisturizer
The trio of products has an inimitable mix of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and peptides that generate striking, clearly identifiable results on a cellular level while enhancing the elasticity, tone, and texture of your skin. When used conscientiously it helps lessen the appearance of fine lines, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, and even rosacea.
The benefits keep on going! In fact, EraseExtreme also aids in the restoration of lost collagen, strengthens elastin to create a more youthful appearance, and helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that give a tired, older look.
As men and women move forward in life and start visibly showing life's experiences, Kara was motivated to create a skin care line that not only worked but produced instantaneous results, visible to the eye. It was a long, interesting journey, and today Kara is proud to say she has met her goal with EraseExtreme. Kara Kardashian fully endorses her products and the results.
But why not see for yourself? You will be thrilled to note the refreshed face smiling back at you in the mirror!
“I invite you to join the EraseExtreme journey with me. There will be no turning back—except perhaps the hands of time!” Kara Kardashian